DIY: Surfboard Stands


This is a super easy diy project! I’ve labelled these as surfboard stands but essentially it is just a small shelf. You could easily make these to display art prints, lightweight books, or even use it as a spice rack in your kitchen.


DIY surfboard 11.JPG

Because I’m installing these shelves so low to the ground and the surfboards are really going to be the focal point I used some thin pieces of chipboard I already had on hand. If you are going to be using these in a prime location I would opt for a more attractive type of wood like pine.

STEP 1: If you already have your pieces of wood cut and ready to go then the first step is gluing 2 of your 3 pieces of wood together so that they form a right angle (see the photo below). I use Titebond Original Wood Glue. Elmer’s also makes wood glue but Titebond is professional strength and runs about the same price so I would definitely choose this one. Hold the pieces of wood firmly in place for a few minutes so that the two pieces of wood bond evenly. Then let it sit for about 20 or so minutes to dry before proceeding to the next step.


STEP 2: Now it’s time to glue the third piece of wood to complete the shelf. Instead of gluing on the edge of the wood this time you will glue along the center. Draw a line as your guide and then glue in place using the same method as before – hold firmly in place for several minutes so the wood bonds evenly and then let sit for 20 minutes to dry thoroughly. (The side of your shelf should look like the photo below.)


STEP 3: The next step is to secure the front and back of your shelf with screws. This step isn’t entirely necessary depending on what the intended use of the shelf is. Titebond wood glue is STRONG. So if your pieces of wood made a clean, even bond and you’re only intending on using the shelf for art prints or for other light weight items I wouldn’t even worry about this. However, if you do decide to opt for screws make sure to drill pilot holes first to avoid splitting the wood. For my shelves I used 3 small gold screws on the front and the back to make sure it could hold the weight of the surfboards.


STEP 4: Lastly, installing the shelves. I drilled 3 evenly spaced holes in the wood under the shelf so that I can screw the shelf directly into the wall. You could also drill the holes in the wood above the shelf so that they are hidden by whatever items you display.

Sidenote: If you are using these as surfboard stands, I ended up hammering in a nail on either side of the surfboard so that it is secure from tipping over! If I was redoing this I would have made the shelf deeper – around 4″ or 4.5″ instead of 3″



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